Jhenna Quinn Lewis studio

My studio is the room in which I spend the most time. It's the place I love to go to forget the world and also the place I sometimes need to escape from and go walk in the woods.

Outside the window is a fence where a few neighborhood grey jays love to come tap their beaks and let me know it's time for peanuts. They know I'll be there. They're my only regular guests.

Once a year, I do open my studio to visitors who come see my art, have a conversation or buy prints and studio pieces. Previously I did this every year in October as part of the Ashland Open Studio Tour, which is a wonderful art event in Southern Oregon. Time being what it is, ie never enough, I haven't been able to participate the last couple years.

Still, I love to share my studies and prints with interested friends and collectors and so I'm offering a select few for purchase here through my website. Welcome to my virtual open studio!

Special Offer